Protecting Dryden

About Protecting Dryden

We believe the Town of Dryden is the best place in Tompkins County to start a business, raise a family, and enjoy the beauty and bounty of Upstate New York. “Protecting Dryden” grew out of the movement to protect the town—especially its roads, surface water, aquifers, and green spaces—from infiltration by the natural gas industry. Following Dryden’s successful ban on hydrofracking and a lawsuit that we won at the highest court in the state, our motto morphed to signify a variety of protections.

We protect Dryden through thoughtful town planning, through maintenance of infrastructure, and with updated emergency services. We remain committed to protecting our natural resources and Dryden’s rural character. We protect Dryden by balancing our budget and promoting our town as a wonderful place to work, play, and live.


Growing our economy by attracting low-impact commercial businesses, investing in tourist attractions, culture and recreation, and promoting Dryden as a great place to live, work and play

Protecting our environment through oversight of local energy projects and encouraging zero-carbon residential development

Investing in local infrastructure: not just bridges and highways but extending broadband Internet connectivity to all Dryden residents