MAGAMarc Molinaro’s votes do not reflect his district

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MAGAMarc Molinaro’s votes do not reflect his district.

Molinaro votes for “extreme right-wing ideologue” Mike Johnson to lead the House.

Rep. Mike Johnson’s record includes:

  • banning all abortions without exception — to the point of criminalization with prison sentences
  • Election denier – Johnson personally lobbied, and secured support, from 126 House Republicans for an amicus brief to a Texas lawsuit that sought to invalidate millions of votes from four key battleground states won by Joe Biden in 2020. 
  • promoted conspiracy theories that Dominion Voting Systems, a voting machine and software company, helped rig the election against Trump. “The allegations about these voting machines, some of them being rigged with this software by Dominion, there’s a lot of merit to that,” Johnson said in November of 2020. “They know that in Georgia it really was rigged.”
  • Wants to cut Social Security and Medicare
  • Supports covenant marriage – a conservative Christian idea that makes it harder to divorce.
  • Climate denier – opposed proposals for a Green New Deal and been named an “energy champion” by the American Energy Alliance, a rightwing group that has defended fossil fuel use.

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