PROTECT DRYDEN!  Vote for these hardworking, honest, and qualified Village of Dryden residents. Village Elections March 21, 2023


Our goals:


Build new apartments on vacant

land, each year over the next 12 years, attracting working people who want to be involved in a thriving community and increasing our tax base.

Actively seek restaurants and other businesses to locate inside the village to meet present and future demand for goods and services.


Apply for state and federal grants to preserve homes and improve energy efficiency, and install more EV Chargers for electric cars.


Create a dog park to bring people together for a greater sense of community in the village we all love.

Apply for TAP-CMAQ grant to install more sidewalks,

crosswalks, and new trails.

What we’ve done:


$500,000 federal grant to retrofit 14 houses employing local contractors, and enabling these neighbors to preserve their homes while enhancing the Village’s housing stock.


Installed LED streetlights. Remodeled Village Hall, with a heat pump, insulation, LED lights, and energy- efficient windows. Acquired an electric vehicle charger for public use.


Built a pavilion in Montgomery Park, remodeled the bandstand, and installed sidewalks and a drinking fountain.

Won a $20,000 grant to install video cameras in 5 locations critical to

public safety.



Mike has lived in the Village of Dryden on Lee Road for 45 years with

his wife Michele and their three daughters. He studied Industrial and Labor

Relations as a Cornell University graduate student, and was a retail manager for various firms during his working years.

An active member of the community, Mike serves as a board member of the Town of Dryden Historical Society, takes photography courses at TC3, and attends Holy Cross Church. Since retirement, he

has served as Village trustee for five years and Mayor of the Village of Dryden for five years. “I am proud of what the Village board has accomplished during the past five years,” he said. “In my next term I will be committed to securing a second round of grants that will allow us to build more sidewalks and remotely lighted crosswalks, and to restore more homes. I also want

to finish the apartment development that I secured to come to our village this spring.” During the past five years, Mike’s

solid leadership has allowed the Village of Dryden to thrive.


Jason has lived in the Village of Dryden near the Dryden Elementary School for twenty years. He presently serves on the Village Board

of Trustees and is seeking reelection. Jason—who also goes by “Lou”— teaches Special Education in the Ithaca City School District and previously at the George Junior Republic in Freeville. He has three sons who have attended school in Dryden, one of whom is currently a sophomore. “I enjoy volunteering and helping people,” Jason said. “I coached youth sports for more than a dozen years.” Jason’s interests in helping others and ensuring public safety, and his skills in engineering and legal matters, serve the Village well, and make him a valuable member of the board.


Tom has lived in the Village of Dryden for twelve years. He previously served on the Village Board of Trustees where he launched the

Village’s Facebook page and sponsored the local law that bans smoking on Village property. He is currently a member of the Village Planning Board and is active on the Town of Dryden Historical Society and is a past board member. Tom teaches local government and policy courses at Binghamton University where he served as the founding chair of the Department of Public Administration. “I teach my students that public service is a noble profession with a responsibility to be transparent, accountable, efficient, and fair,” he said. “These values drive me to serve, and shape how I work. It will be

a privilege to be elected to the Dryden Board of Trustees again.”

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